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Trouble-shooting for issues related to recent iOS update.

Check the following: As a result of updating your iPhone's operating system to iOS 8.3, messages from the Notification Center may not correctly be forwarded to your SERENDIPITY.
  • As a possible solution, please try resetting the Settings on your iPhone. Go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.
(Resetting your iPhone will clear all previous settings. However, the contents of your iPhone should not be effected.)

Pairing failed.

Check the following:
  • Is Bluetooth ON? (Go to the [Settings] screen on the smartphone.)
  • Is the watch turned ON?
Check the above and repeat the pairing procedure.

  1. Go to [Settings] on the smartphone, select [Bluetooth] and turn it OFF.
    After a few seconds, turn Bluetooth ON again.
    * If SERENDIPITY is displayed under Device, tap on the [i] icon next to SERENDIPITY then tap [Unregister this device] to disconnect Bluetooth.
  2. Turn the watch OFF and turn it ON again after a few seconds.
  3. Start the App.
  4. Check that "!" is displayed for [Device] at the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Tap [Device].
  6. Tap [Search for device] to pair the watch.

The watch is not displayed when [Search for device] is executed.

Check the following:
  • Is Bluetooth ON? (Go to the [Settings] screen on the smartphone.)
  • Is the watch turned ON?

The message "Email address requires authentication." is displayed in the App.

Mail address authentication has not been completed from the provisional registration email sent during the initial registration process.
A provisional registration email is sent to the registered email address.
Go to the provisional registration email and click on the URL in the context to complete authentication.
If the authetication email cannot be found in your mailbox, please repeat the account registration process.

Which devices are compatible with the watch?

Our watch is currently compatible with iPhones operating on iOS7 or newer.

Can the watch be synced to an iPad?

Although the display will be restricted to the iPhone size, the watch can be used with an iPad.

Do you have plans to offer compatibility with Android phones?

We are planning to make the watch compatible with devices operating on Android software, however no fixed schedules are available at the moment.

What language does the watch support?

The watch supports English and Japanese at initial launch.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch has a water rating of IPX7. Subject to having the USB cover in place, the watch withstands accidental water splashes/exposure in normal daily circumstances.

Does the watch have vibration features?

Yes. The watch can be set to vibrate for notifications.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch has a water rating of IPX7. Subject to having the USB cover in place, the watch withstands accidental water splashes/exposure in normal daily circumstances.

Does the watch have vibration features?

Yes. The watch can be set to vibrate for notifications.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

How long does the battery last on stadn-by?

The battery lasts approximately 1 week on stand-by.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Charging time of 0% to 100% is approximately 90 minutes.

Is the product compatible with quick chargers?

Yes, the watch can be charged with a quick charger.

How does the watch sync with the smart phone?

The watch syncs with the smart phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology.

What is the range of connection between the watch and smart phone?

2-3m without any obstacles between the two devices. Wearing the watch and crossing your arms in a certain way might disrupt the connection as your body may act as a shield.

Can the wrist band be changed to a 3rd party product?

Yes. Compatible size is 24mm in width.

What is the difference between Model R and Model C?

Model C has a paint finished face while the Model R comes with a handcrafted face by a master craftsman or a customized design using an unique casting method. The cover glass for the Model C is mineral glass, where as the Model R comes with covers made from sapphire glass. The functions on both models are identical.

What are the functions on the watch?

Receiving call notifications, emails, SNS messages and notifications from other apps that can be set from the iOS's notification center of your smart phone. Calendar schedule, global time, weather, compass, timer and activity display. Taxi call service is also available for users in the Tokyo area.

Can the watch receive notifications from Line and Facebook accounts?

Yes. From the options available on your iOS's notification center, the watch can be set to receive notifications from generally any SNS accounts or apps.

Can I make phone calls from the watch?

No, voice calls cannot be made from the watch.

What happens if I change my smart phone?

As long as you use the same User ID and password to login to the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app, previous data will be accessible from your watch thru the new device.

Where can I see the actual product?

Please search for your nearest retailer from the following website. http://veldt.jp/serendipity/#shop

Can I choose the LED colors?

Yes, the LED colors can be customized for each notification. For example, the notification from your calendar can be set with one color. The color variations of SAKURA・FUJI・KONPEKI・WAKAKUSA・HIMAWARI・DAIDAI・NIJI are all shades that we feel represents the Japanese culture.

The shades of the LED lights looks inconsistent.

LED lights may look different depending on its placement position, angle of view or just by individual product. One of our concepts in designing this product was to tastefully combine digital and analog, therefore even the subtle differences in shades are part of the design.

How do I turn on/off the watch?

When the power is off, press and holding the A-button and D-button simultaneously will turn the power on. When the power is on, press and holding the same A-button and D-button will turn off the watch.

I cannot pair up the SERENDIPITY watch from the iOS BLUETOOTH screen?

From the [Device] screen in the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app, tap on [Search for device]. When [SERENDIPITY] is displayed, tap on [Pair] to complete the process. If the pairing fails, please go to the Bluetooth setting screen on your smart phone, select SERENDIPITY and unregister the device. Please retry the pairing process from the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app.

I can't update the weather information.

Please check if your smart phone has internet connection. Although the app is designed to support worldwide weather display, weather information for some regions may not be available.

What does the LED colors mean when displaying the weather forecast?

The different colors represents the weather at each time period during the day. Orange means sunny, white (light pink) means cloudy and blue means rain is in the forecast. When the LED lights up blue and white simultaneously, it means rain with partly cloudy conditions.

What does the LED display when showing the activity level?

The LED lights show the achievement level of the activity target you had pre-set in the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app. (LED lights encircling the entire watch means 100% achieved)

Can the watch take my sleep data?

Yes. After displaying the [Activityl] on the watch, press the button to change the mode from [Active] to [Sleep]. The watch will now monitor your sleep such as how deep or light your sleeping state is.

What does it mean by compass calibration?

Compass calibration is required when the feature is used for the first time. Please move your watch in a figure 8 motion until the watch vibrates and display the calibration complete message.

The compass seems to be malfunctioning.

Please hold the watch parallel to the ground and check whether the compass is operating normally. Please also check your surroundings for any strong magnetic objects which could cause the compass to malfunction.

How do I pre-set my notifications?

Please go to the [Settings] menu in iOS and tap [Notifications]. Select the application you'd like to pre-set and turn on the [Allow Notifications] switch. The watch will then receive notifications from the selected app.

There is a delay in receiving emails from Apple’s Mail app.

Using Apple's Mail app for Gmail accounts may cause delays in receiving notifications to your watch, especially when your smart phone is locked. We recommend the use of the Gmail app to receive real time notifications from Gmail accounts.

Can the order of information display on the watch be customized?

Yes. Go to the [Service] screen of the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app and tap the [↑↓] icon on the top right corner. You can change the order by pressing on the right side of the app icons and moving them up and down. Tap on the [Done] button to save your changes. The changes will reflect on the watch immediately.

How do I use the Loss Prevention feature?

Go to the [Device] screen in the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app and tap on [Loss Prevention Alert]. Switch on [Notification] to activate this feature.

How do I customize the shortcut button?

Go to the [Device] screen in the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app and tap on [Customize Buttons on Watch]. Select the function to be assigned to the shortcut button.

I forgot my login password.

Go to the login screen on the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app and tap on the [Forgot password] link to reset password.

How can I terminate my VELDT LIFE ASSIST account?

From the Menu link located on the top left corner of the app, select [Account] then tap on [CLOSE ACCOUNT].

Will my personal information be kept even after terminating my VELDT LIFE ASSIST account?

Personal data that can identify an individual will be deleted.

I have not received the authentication email to complete my account registration process.

It may be possible that the authentication email has been sent to your spam mail box. Please white list the veldt.jp domain in your mail settings.

Are there any functions that will not work unless I am connected to a network?

Except for the Activity Tracker, Compass, Timer and Loss Prevention feature, all other functions will only work when your smart phone is connected to a network.

Will the watch work in Airplane Mode?

SERENDIPITY and your smart phone connects via Bluetooth which is turned off in Airplane Mode. Some of the functions will work by specifically turning on Bluetooth from the settings screen of your smart phone. However, please ask the airline company or the flight attendant for any restrictions in using Bluetooth devices on planes.

My watch doesn’t display the world clock.

Cities must be selected on the VELDT LIFE ASSIST app for the world clock to display times in different cities. Your smart phone must also be connected to a network for the world clock function to work.

How do I reset the watch?

With the power of the watch on, press buttons A/B/C/D simultaneously. This will reset the watch to the initial factory setting.

How do I update my firmware?

You can download the software tool required to update the firmware to your PC. Then download the updated firmware and install.

My watch doesn't seem to receive any notifications although all other functions are working. Why?

Although very rare, such issues may occur after prolonged use of the watch. Please turn off your iPhone (or iPad) and reboot the device. Your watch should begin to receive notifications again.

Where do I contact for repairs?

Please contact us at support@veldt.jp.

How do I replace the battery in the watch?

You can send the product to us for battery replacements. If you require a battery replacement, please contact us at support@veldt.jp.

What is the cost of repairing my watch?

Please contact us at support@veldt.jp.

Can I purchase additional wrist bands for the watch?

Yes, they can be purchased from our online store.